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AppointmentPlease's Privacy Policy

Basically, if you provide "Contact email" and "Contact phone" information for your business, we will place that information on your AppointmentPlease website, which is publicly available. We may include it as well in the email reminders sent to your customers, to aid them in contacting you if they need to change something. There may be other information about you included on your AppointmentPlease website, including, but not limited to, your name, your availabilities, the services your business offers, etc.

Other than what is shared via your website and reminders to your clients, we will not share your data with anyone you wouldn't want it shared with, except as required by law.

We run a service for businesses, and we make money doing so. We have very little incentive to jeopardize your trust, our business, and our livelihood by doing anything nefarious with your private information.

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